Start school on a locally determined date

Every year, it seems, folks in the Free State encourage legislation that will force schools to start after Labor Day in order to extend summer by a week or two, the Carroll County Times reports.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot indeed seems to run a “one-man campaign” every year, but this year, he brought statistics—a $74.3 million increase in the economy if families could spend a little more time in Ocean City or at Deep Creek Lake—and a task force recommendation—an 11-4 vote to recommend the change—to the debate.

It was exciting, but all the school district superintendents gave the idea a thumbs-down. So did the state teachers’ union and the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.

Add the Carroll County Times to the list: “Ultimately, it should be parents working in conjunction with school systems determining the best starting day for the new school year,” the paper’s editors write.

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