Illinois high school dynasties & their games

Voxitatis has developed and is now making available to the public an ad hoc report for determining the state titles, as reported by the Illinois High School Association, won by the schools in the state for a particular event or in a given school year.

With these reports, you can see schools that have won:

In some tabs of the reports, you’ll be able to follow the link under the school name to see additional details about that school. On the report showing titles won in a single academic year, clicking on the school name will show all titles won by that school and also all titles won in the year across the entire state.

Clicking on a school name on the single-event report, the bottom one in the list above, will reveal three separate but related lists: all titles won by that school, all titles for the sport or activity on that line of the report, and finally a list of all schools that have won two or more state championships in that sport or activity.

The original purpose for designing the tool and the underlying database tables was to conduct research for our article here.

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